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As online gambling continues to grow everyday and reach a broader market, a reoccuring issue however still persists... Punterclash aims to solve some of the problesms that have plagues gambling websites such as the stigmatizations of gambling as a sport an a means of wealth acquizition. Punterclash hopes to build a social gaming platform that uses gambling as a means of wealth redistribution!.

  • Project Name : Punterclash
  • Client : Punterclash Inc.
  • Skills : PERN
  • Category : Social Gaming

Akaniru Victory

Hi, My name is Akaniru Victory...

I am a versatile and passionate individual who cares greatly about the world I live in and how I can make it better, I very often would participate in charity works and making contributions to causes that improve the quality of life for others in my local community.

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Lagos, Nigeria



+234 - 7063212299